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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ― Maya Angelou

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Lions Among the Lambs

We don't have to see the bad guys in action to be afraid of them. Through the reactions of the other characters in the book, Cecilia Pulliam paints a picture of pure terror. Great job. 

Lions Among the Lambs


I haven't read any of Cecilia Pulliam's books but after reading this book I will ! Great story. Love the old Indian .

Lions Beasts and Lambs

I absolutely L.O.V.E! when an author can feed you pieces of a puzzle, while keeping you on your toes, and then throwing a major curveball as it all unwinds! Oh, and on top of that make you need to be invested in the characters! You have outdone yourself this time Cecilia Marie Pulliam! I can hardly wait for the next installment!

Without Strings--a read-again novel. 

Without Strings will keep you turning the pages. I loved the wry humor and the spunky backchat that lightened Mary's desperate situation. Her courage wears thin when she could face a murder charge--or be a victim herself. All the people in this novel are characters in their own rights, including Moses, the cat. I often read novels several times--novels that I really like. Without Strings is one of those.

Without Strings

Another great read by Cecilia. I'm a fan and always look forward to her new releases. This is the fourth book I've read by this author and she does not disappoint. Her characters are well defined and her research into her subject is obvious.

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Plight: to solemnly pledge one’s faith or loyalty; an unfortunate, difficult, or precarious situation.

For Ilona, a Numen trothed to Elgar, one of Immara’s elite guardsmen, it means all the above.

Upon their Assembly sanctioned union, she and Elgar are sent away from her beloved Immara, land of light, in search of Lirium, the utopia of peace and healing promised to all retiring Garridin. Beset with challenges, misfortunes, and dangers in every land they enter, Ilona wonders if this perfect land exists outside of Immara — or if it resides only in the broken and scarred soul of the man she’s vowed to love. 

However, an overheard conversation indicates the high commander of the Garridin’s troth to a Numen as young as Ilona, and their immediate departure from Immara, might be for other reasons.

What fate are they running from — or toward?



Dreams, premonitions, visions and divine encounters - sometimes the veil between the earthly and the supernatural is thin — at least in Cecilia Marie Pulliam’s paranormal thrillers.  After surviving years of domestic violence, breast cancer, losing two husbands to premature deaths, and a few paranormal encounters of her own, Cecilia Marie Pulliam writes about strong female characters battling earthly and supernatural criminals with the aid of mystical gifts. Since her current husband swept her away to a fairy tale wedding in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, Africa, she adds a touch of romance. If she had a happy ending to her life experiences, shouldn’t her characters? Now that her gypsy minded husband finally agreed to settle on a beautiful piece of hillside property in south central Idaho, she spends her time writing, painting, reading, camping, traveling, and training their feisty little Brittany, Cooper.



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Cecilia's blog features Christian themed stories, photos of her African wedding, her month-long tour of Africa and some of her artwork.

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